Industrial Ecology Freiburg

Research group at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

Table contents of Provenance

1Expert estimatesdata from expert judgement  
2Expert estimates, mass balance, product descriptiondata from expert judgement, constrained by mass balance and other available information  
3Aggregated data or estimates from industry associationaggregated, typical, or representative industry data, typically gathered and distributed by industry associations  
4Industry datadata directly obtained from industrial facilities  
5Official data from government institutiondata directly obtained from government institutions  
6Result of academic accounting workdata derived from academic accounting work  
7Result of academic MFA workdata derived from material and energy flow analysis   
8Result of academic LCA workdata derived from life cycle assessment  
9Result of academic IOA workdata derived from input-output analysis  
10Scenario modelsdata derived from scenario models  
11Compiled from official and semi-official sourcesdata compiled from official sources (government) AND other sources, such as consultancy reports  
12Survey datadata derived from surveys  
13Assumption based on compilation from scientific literature and expert estimates   
14Assumption based on compilation from scientific literature and expert estimates, mass balance   
15Official data from government institution; Result of academic MFA work   
16Estimates from industry association supplemented with literature values   
18Official data from government institutions, compiled by industry association   

Table contents of Sources

1Publicly available dataset, static web page   
2Publicly available dataset, dynamic web page   
3Proprietary dataset, static web page   
4Proprietary dataset, dynamic web page   
5Publicly available report or research article   
6Proprietary report or research article   

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8Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication    
9SSP database licenselicense for using data from the SSP database at IIASA, copyright notice. For full text, cf.   
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