Industrial Ecology Freiburg

Research group at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

Table contents of Categories

1FlowObjects flowing between processes  
2StockObjects residing as stocks in processes  
3Material/Product propertyIntensive object properties  
4Process coefficient, process parameter, intensive quantityIntensive process properties  
5Extensive process propertyExtensive process properties such as capacity  
6General ratioRatios between stocks and flows  
7CorrespondenceCorrespondence between two classifications  

Table contents of Types

1Flow 1F   
2Stockstocks of all kind2S   
3In-use stockin-use stocks only2IUS   
4Populationpopulation figures only2P   
5Lifetimetypically in use phase, or residence time in landfill etc.3LT   
6Material compositionm.c. of products, alloys, waste/scrap, etc.3MC   
7Shareshare (in %) of something3SHA   
8Priceprice data3PR   
9Yield coefficientmaterial or energy yield of processes4PY   
10Process extensionExtension per output4PE   
11Process capacitycapacity of processes5CAP   
12Intensity of use of productsservice (physical or immaterial) extracted from products3IUP   
13Specific energy consumption of productsenergy per unit of use of products, e.g., MJ/km of vehicle driven3EIP   
14Process costsCosts per capacity4PC   
15Per capita stockstock per person, e.g., cars per capita6PCS   
16Per capita flowsflows per persion, e.g., GDP per capita6PCF   
17Material substitution coefficientAmount of material 1 substituted by amount of material 2.6MSC   
18Process inventoryflows entering and leaving process, for LCI datasets1PI   
19Unit process inventoryflows entering and leaving process, normalized, for LCI datasets4UPI   
20Births_deathsflows of people being born and dying1BD   
21Misc_intensivemiscellaneous intensive properties, e.g., those used in ecoinvent6MIP   
22Activity parametersparameters, e.g., those used in ecoinvent4PAR   
23Transfer coefficientstransfer coefficients, e.g., those used in ecoinvent6TC   
24Criticalitycriticality indicators6CR   
25Impact indicatorsimpact indicators, e.g., from LC impact assessment6IMI   
26Flow_pricesprice information for flows (not products: 3_PR)6FPR   
27correspondence_tableCorrespondence between two classifications7CT   
28Characterisation factorEnvironmental or social midpoint or endpoint indicator per unit of substance listed in life cycle inventory3CF   
29Stock changechange in stock (net addition, withdrawal, disposal, …)2DS   
30Urban metabolism indicatorsvarious indicators of urban metabolism, extensive, intensive.6URB   

Table contents of Layers

2Mass ratio   
4Value per mass   
8Power generation capacity   
9Energy per mass of output   
10Product per capita   
11Service per unit   
12Mass per area   
13Mass per volume   
15Mass per unit   
16Parameters of pdf of product discard   
17Misc. physical units   
18Misc. units   
19Dry massDry mass only  
20Wet massWet mass (water content included)  
21Lower heating valueNet Calorific Value (NCV)  
22Higher heating valueGross Calorific Value (GCV)  
23monetary (basic prices)monetary value as basic price  
24monetary (purchaser prices)monetary value as purchaser price  
25monetary (constant prices)monetary value as constant price  
26CorrespondenceCorrespondence between two classifications  
27Areaarea measure of stocks or flows of products like buildings  
28Misc_shareshare of a quantity in another total quantity, miscellaneous units  
29EnergyEnergy layer  
30Radioactivityactivity of a quantity of radioactive material