Industrial Ecology Freiburg

Research group at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

Table contents of Aspect

1timeModel time1ttime   
3elementchemical elements2eelement   
4unitytrivial classification, 1 entry only311 (unity)   
5regionRegion of process or stock4rregion   
6origin_regionRegion of origin (flow)4Oorigin   
7destination_regionregion of destination (flow)4Ddestination   
8processProcess where stock is located7pprocess   
9origin_processProcess of origin of flow7oorigin   
10destination_processProcess of destination of flow7ddestination   
11commodityGoods and products considered6ggood   
12engineering_materialEngineering materials considered, subset of generic materials M5mmaterial   
13EoL_goodEnd-of-life products, buildings, and infrastructure6lend-of-Life product   
14waste_scrapwaste and scrap types considered5wwaste/scrap   
15energy_carrierEnergy carrier8nnergy (energy)   
16scenarioScenerios considered (e.g., SSP)9SScenario   
17extensionCosts, emissions factors, social impacts10XXtension   
18serviceService categories: shelter, transport, etc.11VSerVice   
19product_typeTypes of products6YTYpe   
20input_materialInput of material to process5bnone   
21input_commodityInput of commodity to process6Bnone   
22output_materialOutput of material to process5fnone   
23output_commodityOutput of commodity to process6Fnone   
24technologytechnology class of product or commodity in the sense of product type6TTechnology   
25substituting_materialrefers to the material that substitutes another one5ss_ubstituting   
26materialgeneric material, used in MFA and LCA to denote goods and substances5MMaterial   
27material_groupcategories of materials, such as 'reference product', 'resource, in ground', 'waste produced', used in LCI5Gmaterial Group   
28material_categorybroad material groups 'product', 'waste', and 'elementary', used in LCI5Cmaterial Category   
29layerlayer of qantification: mass, volume, energy, radioactivity, monetary, ...12LLayer   
30cityCity where process or stock is located, flows start or end4yCit_y   
31layer_inLayer of quantification for incoming flow12aL_a_yer_in   
32layer_outLayer of quantification for outgoing flow12AL_A_yer_out   
33impact_indicatorImpact indicator of flow10IImpact indicator   
34componentcomponent of product or other object6kk(c)omponent   
35economic_indicatorvarious intensive economic indicators10EEconomic indicator   
36modelquantification by different models, model alternatives9Rmodel veRsion   
37focus_objectobject in focus of e.g., indicators14inone   
38reference_objectobject or object group that serves as reference, e.g., for indicators14jnone   
39time_frameindicates time periods or time frames, quantitative and qualitative, for data and indicators1PPeriod   

Table contents of Dimensions

1timephysical time     
2elementchemical elements     
3unityone, 1     
4regioncountry, region, or place     
5materialresource, material, engineering material     
6commodityproduct, good, commodity     
7processprocess or activity     
8energyenergy type or carrier     
9scenarioscenario, alternative, version     
10extensionsunits other than mass or energy     
11servicesservice flows     
12layerlayer of quantification     
13customplaceholder for custom classification and dimension     
14objectgeneral objects of interest, comprises material, commodity, population, and other objects in the system, where the material and commodity dimensions dont fit